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Web 2.0 Patterns

August 28th, 2006 by Pascal Alberty

When we ask people “What’s Web 2.0 ?” they often answer “Yeah, it’s Ajax, it’s YouTube, …” … funny … I found this answer to simple, too short. Web 2.0 is more a philosophy then (only) a technology (even if technology is used to support Web 2.0).

Tim O’Reilly gives the first Web 2.0 definition. Now a group of people (including Martin Fowler) defines what they call Web 2.0 Patterns.

Here an abstract:

We tried to compile a set of values, along the lines of the Agile Manifesto. The key with the agile values is that is used a “X over Y” format where Y by itself is a fairly reasonable goal. For example, the value is not “Working Software over Broken Software” (duh!) but “Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation”. Here are some of our candidates:

* Simplicity over Completeness
* Long tail over Mass Audience
* Share over Protect
* Advertise over Subscribe
* Syndication over Stickiness
* Early Availability over Correctness
* Select by Crowd over Editor
* Honest voice over Corporate Speak
* Participation over Publishing
* Community over Product

Funny Vador

August 9th, 2006 by Pascal Alberty

To a WEB 2.0 bubble ?

August 6th, 2006 by Pascal Alberty

This abstract of a Journal Du Net article was reported by Michel de Guilhermier (Photoways founder) in his blog:

“Les dangers du Web 2.0 vont à mon avis se révéler au grand jour. Les sites qui relèvent de ce fameux concept doivent inventer un modèle économique ad hoc. S’ils ne le trouvent pas, nous allons droit à la bulle 2.0. Ils ont abandonné toute idée de faire payer l’utilisateur. On peut le comprendre car les services pour lesquels les internautes sont prêts à payer sont finalement très peu nombreux…”

I agree ! I think that history may repeated it again. People (users) still want a free Internet but we know that it’s not (it was never and it will never be) possible !

The only way ? Advertising ! Again, it’s the actual solution, it was and it will ever be a solution (before a major mentality change).

See Google and it’s actual economic model. 99% of Google revenues are from adverstising … and it works (for the moment).

We have to be carefull my friends !